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Here is some useful commands for you to remember...

Thanks for playing!

Useful Commands in-game:

  • /vote - Vote for our server and receive great rewards!
  • /website - Links you to this website
  • /warp - List of warps you can go to
  • /kit - List of kits you can use
  • /teamspeak - TeamSpeak ip
  • /wiki - Link to the TekkitClassic Wikipedia
  • /google - Link to google
  • /wis - check any item in your hand and get its ID
  • /auction - chat based auction plugin
  • /parkour - to play parkour
  • right click with a golden shovel to claim on survival and type /subdivideclaim to divide it into plots.
  • /f claim - claims with your faction
  • /towny - use towny on survival
  • /lottery - to enter the lottery
  • right click another player to trade items with them
  • /ar check - checks your play time ingame
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