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After the recent staff team revamp, the server is undergoing huge change with the implementation of the following:

- Guilds

- Minigames

- Bug Fixes

- New Economy

- Smoother Experience For Players

- Higher Replayability

And much more! A map reset may also come, updates will be provided on the status of that change regularly. All requests are welcome!

Here is some useful commands for you to remember...

Thanks for playing!

Useful Commands in-game:

  • /vote - Vote for our server and receive great rewards!
  • /website - Links you to this website
  • /warp - List of warps you can go to
  • /kit - List of kits you can use
  • /teamspeak - TeamSpeak ip
  • /wiki - Link to the TekkitClassic Wikipedia
  • /google - Link to google
  • /wis - check any item in your hand and get its ID
  • /auction - chat based auction plugin
  • /parkour - to play parkour
  • right click with a golden shovel to claim on survival and type /subdivideclaim to divide it into plots.
  • /f claim - claims with your faction
  • /towny - use towny on survival
  • /lottery - to enter the lottery
  • right click another player to trade items with them
  • /ar check - checks your play time ingame
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